Retirement Living Choices and a Whole Lot More in Central Pennsylvania

No matter your age, income, lifestyle or goals, Masonic Village at Elizabethtown has something for you!

Our 1,400 acre campus offers charitable services ranging from a children's home and child care center, to continuing care retirement services, options to help you age in place, and services that benefit adults and their caregivers, alike.

An onsite farm and farmers market set the tone for the community as a safe and peaceful neighborhood bustling with recreational, social, cultural, wellness and educational possibilities. Lancaster County and the adjacent Amtrak station provide access to even more enriching experiences. With all of these opportunities, you'll have peace of mind knowing that no matter your desires now or in the future, you'll have access to comprehensive care and a f ulfilling lifestyle.

We're open for everyone, so explore how you can enjoy life your way!

Masonic Village Hospice Gives Lynn Row, a Seasoned Pilot, Another Chance to Fly in a Plane

Mr. Row's flight has been featured on Fox 43, WGAL and Lancaster Online.

Life in Motion ... Pass it On!

Masonic Village residents enjoy life their way through a variety of clubs, events, sports, special interest groups, hobbies and more each day. Check out this video to see Masonic Village's dynamic, diverse and fun lifestyle for yourself!

Retirement Living Questions and Answers

Q: What are the criteria to live at Masonic Village?

A: For retirement living, individuals 60 years of age and older may apply. For married couples, one spouse needs to be at least age 60 and the other at least age 55. For additional requirements, please contact the Sales & Marketing Office.

Q: How much time do I have to move from my current home after I select my new home at Masonic Village?

A: Moves average two to four months, and Masonic Villages has various resources to assist you.

Q: Can someone answer my questions regarding my personal financial situation?

A: Yes. Our staff is available to discuss your personal financial situation with you throughout the transition.

Q: Is there sufficient parking for more than one automobile?

A: Yes. In addition, Masonic Village has a designated parking area for you to maintain your RV/motor home at no additional charge.

Q: Is transportation provided?

A: Yes. Residents who are able to ride without assistance may use our shuttle service for transportation throughout the campus and local community. We also offer transportation to off-campus appointments for a nominal charge.

Q: Will my monthly service fee or rental fee increase in the future?

A: Typically, yes. In order to maintain our high quality services, we generally increase our fees annually; however, you would receive a 60-day notice of any such change.

Q: What added financial security does Masonic Village offer to residents?

A: Masonic Village provides support to most eligible individuals who may no longer be able to afford their services at some point in the future for reasons beyond their control. You'll need to maintain your eligibility for Medicaid and other third-party reimbursements to help cover the cost of your services.

Q: As a resident, will I receive preferred access to the Masonic Health Care Center should I need it in the future?

A: Yes. All residents receive preferred access to the Masonic Health Care Center on a fee-for-service basis depending on specific medical condition(s).

Q: What is your pet policy?

A: You are welcome to bring up to two pets. Contact us for specific guidelines based on your preferred living option.

Personal Care and Nursing Services Questions and Answers

Q: What will happen if my funds deplete?

A: Generous donations enable Masonic Village to provide services to most eligible individuals regardless of your financial means. You will need to maintain your eligibility for Medicaid and other third-party reimbursement to cover the costs for your services. Our staff will help you apply for all available funds. You will receive a monthly allowance which can be deposited into a personal care account for safekeeping.

Q: Does Masonic Village require a power of attorney and a living will for admission?

A: No; however, we encourage all residents to have a general, durable power of attorney and a living will. It is important to have someone appointed to make medical and financial decisions should you become unable to do so.

Q: Will I have a roommate?

A: You may need to share a semi-private suite with another resident until a private suite opens.

Q: What transportation does Masonic Village provide?

A: Shuttles provide transportation around campus and for residents to go on monthly outings and trips to shopping centers. We also offer transportation to off-campus appointments at an additional charge.

Q: What is your pet policy?

A: You may have birds and fish in some suites. Companion pets live in various areas of the Masonic Health Care Center and Freemasons Building.

Q: What enhancement therapies does Masonic Village offer?

A: Music therapy, pet therapy, remotivation therapy, therapeutic recreation and sensory stimulation.